Savings & Investments

What exactly is Quicksave and Quickinvest

Quicksave and Quickinvest options allow you to make payment via bank payments. Once you make payment, and fill in your payment details, it’ll be confirmed and updated into your Savings/Investment in less than 12hours. You’ll get alerts and account update when your payments have been confirmed.

What exactly is Autosave and Autoinvest

Autosave and Autoinvest options allow you to set auto-debits from your debit card into your Savings and/or Investment accounts automatically. You’ll get alerts and account update instantly when such transactions happen. You can set it to daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set the amount and the exact hour you want the funds to leave your bank account into your Savings, Investment or Wallet.

3 Key Benefits of Quicksave and Autosave

1. An Inner Feeling of Continuous Financial Progress: Once you start saving, you start to feel you can never be stranded—a positive inner feeling of being wealthy. And your positive inner feeling causes you to attract more income into your life. A person who has NO money cannot think productively. But a person with an escrow account (MyFund), will remain excited and productive even when he has no physical cash. The way you can quickly measure and feel your own financial progress, is how much you save per month (not how much you earn). How much you earn is not important; what’s important is how much you keep every week and every month.
2. It Forces You To Increase Your Income Streams: If you earn N50,000 per month and autosave N20,000 monthly, you’ll suddenly realize that you don’t actually earn N50,000 but N30,000. So even though your income is N50000, you have to live like someone whose income is well below N30,000. Then it’ll occur to you that your income is not that good, and then forces you to think of increasing your income streams. When you successfully increase your income streams, you will also increase you autosavings, which again forces you to increase your income streams even more! It’s amazing!
3. It Protects your Funds from the Destructive Reach of People Around You: “As money increase in your hand, the people that will also come and eat the money out of your hand will also increase” (Solomon, Eccl. 5:11). It’s called Parkinson’s Law in economics. It says: “Expenses will always rise to meet income”. As you autosave, you break Parkinson’s Law. Many people won’t be able to grow their funds into the millions because there are people putting pressure and demands on them all the time. Let autosave protect you and your funds from them.