ValuePlus Publishing

This is the design and print outfit of the platform. Products and services include…
  1. Accelerated Learning Textbook Series for Sec. Sch.—combining great subject content with Academic Excellence principles.
  2. Pivot Game Project—a fun way to learn subjects in Sec. School. Turning every subject into a card game that can be played.
  3. Book Publishing Outfit—editing, and printing of books (magazines, Year Books, etc.) for authors and schools.
  4. General design and printing—Branding, Packaging of CVs, printing of banners, posters, flyers, IVs, programmes, etcIt’s beyond a cooperative. It’s a journey to financial freedom in 5–10 years. You not only grow your funds and acquire assets but you learn what it takes to manage it yourself in the app’s financial intelligence section called the “Wealth Leadership Academy”. This members’ training goes on all year long.


Special Message to Pastors, Ministers and Speakers

CONVERT YOUR BEST MESSAGES INTO PREMIUM BOOKS As a premium publishing platform, we are proposing to work with you throughout the year to convert your best messages into published books. We’re sure you have many recorded audios/videos you’ve been longing to convert into published books but have not had the opportunity. This year, we’ll help you make that happen.
Our team will not only turn your messages (audios/videos) into text but also design a beautiful plan/plot for it. From an attention-grabbing introduction to natural-flowing chapters with a well-satisfying conclusion, your book(s) will have the premium quality you’ve always desired. All you’ll simply have to do is read, make adjustments and give final approval. Please see the details below.
THE SOFT JOB (Getting the book ready for prints) Price (₦)
1 POD sign-up (Print at any time with any amount you have. Please Ignore this if you're printing 1000+ units) 20000*
2 ISBN 7000
3 COver Design 7000
4 Inside Design (layout, indexing, and putting into exact book form) 5000
5 Editing and Proofreading 8000
6 Inside Design II (addition of pictures and graphic illustrations to your book) 8000
7 Transcription of your audios (average of 4 audios per series + typing & organizing into chapters) 30000 (or 125/min)
8 Creation of ebook version of the book (pdf and epub) 1000
9 Availability of the book on Android and iOS book renting app 7000
10 Free delivery of first batch of the copies of the book anywhere 5000
11 Ads and Mockups (online awareness) FREE
*Only to be paid for prints less than 1000 units (but not less than 50copies)

PRINTING (This depends on the number of pages, embossing, hardcover, etc.) Price (₦)
1 For perspective,
100 page-book B/W text Full colour laminated cover (Gloss Paper Back) Bulk print option (Note: Cream paper option = N241.90/unit)
2 301 page-book B/W text Full colour laminated cover (Matte Paper Back) Bulk print option (Note: Cream paper option = N579.28/unit) 475.21/Unit
PS: Your order can be a mixture of cream and white paper