About Us



Registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in August, 2018 (as Vcorp Systems Limited), ValuePlus is an empowerment platform for reproducing achievements in others in the quickest, cheapest and most harmonious way possible. The company currently focuses on two main areas of achievements – Academic Excellence (Education) and Financial Intelligence.

Our Focus (Mission)

In order to achieve our ultimate vision, the company (i.e. the leadership) is focused on three main things. (1.) Continuous learning (2.) Goal getting (3.) Reproduction. The people that can remain with us as partners must be die-hard learners and goal-getters (hard workers). This way, we can achieve reproduction more efficiently as the days go by. For illustration, ValuePlus is focused on “balance” as depicted by “3” in the picture.

Academic Excellence (ValuePlus Educational Services)

Built on the 10 Laws of Academic Excellence, it’s an attempt to reproduce academic excellence in others which gave birth to seminars, webinars, production of educational materials (books, audios, videos, games, etc.), consulting for schools, and ValuePlus Publishing. The ultimate vision is to produce millions of excellent graduates in the country and raise the educational standard in the country via these systems. In the future, we want to sell everything a school needs (books, lab and sports materials, uniforms, etc.)

Financial Intelligence (ValuePlus Financial Services)

The vision here is first become financially free and then help others become free (or put others on the path to being free). ValuePlus Fund (aka MyFund) helps to reproduce financial results in others. Registered with the Lagos State Cooperative Society in 2018, it is designed to help people grow their funds, get loans for short-term projects, earn ROIs and eventually acquire solid assets like we’re doing.

Our Website

The company coordinates all its activities via its website—especially MyFund (www.myfundmobile.com). Members get accounts online and use it to access their funds, ROIs, and investments via the mobile app. Users use their referral links to refer others to the app (MyFund) and get rewarded. They access their funds via their phones and use it like an escrow account (a piggybank) for the main purpose of acquiring investments).
Physical Address: 5, Salu Ojoye Street, Ewupe, Ota, Ogun State
Email: valueplusrecords@gmail.com
Phone: +2348083942528, +2348033924595

ValuePlus Publishing (ValuePlus Educational Services)

This is the design and print outfit of the platform. Services include:
  1. Accelerated Learning Textbook Series for Sec. Sch.—combining great subject content with Academic Excellence principles.
  2. Pivot Game Project—a fun way to learn subjects in Sec. School. Turning every subject into a card game that can be played.
  3. Book Publishing Outfit—editing, and printing of books (magazines, Year Books, etc.) for authors and schools.
  4. General design and printing—Branding, Packaging of CVs, printing of banners, posters, flyers, IVs, programmes, etc.

MyFund (ValuePlus Financial Services)

This is the center of the Finance Outfit of the platform. It’s the stage 4 of the 9 stages towards financial freedom. Services include:
  • Updating and recording of Monthly savings of members—members save monthly, failure after 2 months means reactivation.
  • Financial Intelligence Training—as part of registration, members get a book and join an online training that guides them.
  • Management of Investments—We need a team that will seek out good investments and manage it for good ROI.

ValuePlus Seminars/Trainings (ValuePlus Educational Services)

Continuous learning is central to the whole ValuePlus vision/mission. That’s why there are trainings for cooperators, distributors and customers. To change people, we have to educate them! Hence, ValuePlus seminars, webinars and trainings.